Arthur W. St. Clair (died 1877) was an African American community leader in Brooksville, Florida who was murdered in 1877 for presiding over an interracial marriage.


St. Clair was a former slave who was made the first post Civil War voter registrar for Hernando County. In 1876 he submitted an affidavit claiming ineligible voting in the election for the State Legislature. He himself ran for the state legislature three times as a Republican, but didn't win.

St. Clair was a Baptist minister who founded Bethlehem Progressive Baptist Church, and was also a Hernando County Commissioner from 1875 until 1877.


St. Clair presided over an interracial marriage in 1877 between Dave James and Lizzie Day. The next day, he was on his way back to Brooksville when he was attacked and killed by a mob. The county courthouse was later destroyed in a fire, burning the records of the case and preventing an investigation from finding the killers.

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