Officer James Niggemeyer is an American police officer who shot and killed gunman Nathan Gale during the Columbus nightclub shooting.

Columbus nightclub shooting

On 8 December 2004, Nathan Gale entered Alrosa Villa while DAMAGEPLAN were performing and leapt onto the stage before shooting lead guitarist Dimebag Darrell Abbott three times in the head. During the shooting, Niggemeyer was dispatched to the scene, where he found Gale holding John ‘Kat’ Brooks, the drum technician who had attempted to subdue him, hostage. Niggemeyer demanded gale put down the gun, but he made to execute Brooks, forcing Niggemeyer to shoot him in the face before he could fire, killing him.

Three years after the shooting, Niggemeyer was diagnosed with PTSD and discharged from service. Currently, he is working in Columbus's fleet management division and is still receiving therapy from a psychologist due to the shooting.


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