IMPORTANT: This wiki is undergoing a cleanup. Currently there are too many articles about questionable and subjective people which may need to be deleted. Because of that we are trying to create new and stricter rules aside from the ones listed on the main page. The most recently suggested set of rules can be found here.


The wiki is designed to help inform the world as a whole on the actions of philanthropists, such as police officers, feminists, counter-terrorists and good officials - as such it is a rather controversial wiki and users must abide by our policies : this wiki deals with sensitive information and our goal is not to offend but to try and show that while there are no true "heroes" or "villains" in the world there are many crimes that must be remembered so we can learn from them as a whole.


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Martin Luther King "I Have A Dream" Speech


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LemonauRhywiolViolin LemonauRhywiolViolin 27 March


Why do we have Real Life Heroes and Good Guys Wiki if we have Real Life Heroes Wiki?

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Icepacker Icepacker 4 March


Just heroes

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Michaelx2 Michaelx2 16 November 2020

RLV Closed for no reason

Today when i got up from bed i found out that RLV on miraheze was closed for no reason it said "there have been no edits or logs made within the last 60 days", but there was, we cant risk losing RLV, wh…

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  1. NO Personal Bias: This wiki is about general facts concerning individuals who have committed good deeds, we do not allow users to use this as an excuse to fill articles with personal bias (for example "I think Martin Luther King was a good man" even if he was, this wording is wrong and displays personal opinion rather than historical fact, instead the proper wording would be "Martin Luther King is widely considered one of history's most morally just figures") - you must give reasons and sources for any information you give to this wiki.. and these sources will be checked.. personal bias is not historical fact. Also, we will NOT allow this wiki to be a Liberapedia clone! Any information that came from Liberapedia or is similar in nature to it will result in severe punishment!
  2. NO Articles on People You Like: This wiki is for philanthropists, and police officers .. not simply "moral" or "likable" people.. we are not here to list political or religious leaders, teachers, students, or Internet celebrities you find right and we ARE NOT an advertisement site for internet trolls.. if you create an article on an individual who is NOT responsible of good of humanity (or at the least against a significant section of society) it WILL be purged.
  3. Respect: All users must respect that reality has many differing views, you will NOT use this wiki to belittle others, mock or generally accuse others of crimes they did not commit.. likewise you will respect admins and other uses.. this wiki is for safe information on patriots so we may learn from the tragedies, it is NOT a place to make light of such tragedies or to needlessly spark "flame wars" : respect victims, respect other users / admins and (as strange as it may sound) respect the criminals themselves.. we're here to speak of their actions, not to act as "moral superiors" (thus we can't simply comment "I love this guy" etc.. give reasons, sources and so on..).
  4. NO Plagiarism: Any articles that are copied and pasted from Wikipedia, news websites, etc. WILL BE PURGED! This is NOT negotiable and any user busted doing it will get a warning the first time and a block of at least one month the second time around. No exceptions! End of discussion!
  5. NO New Categories: We have far, far too many categories to the point where it is unnecessary to have anymore. Users who make new categories will be warned and blocked if they persist. The ONLY exception is if you ask an admin first and they approve of it. DO NOT add categories that have been deleted or set for deletion. Always check the category's page before doing anything!
  6. NO Ban Evasion: Got yourself blocked? Chances are, you deserved it so either wait for your ban to expire or if you think your ban was undeserved or too severe, please contact an admin. Making sock puppet accounts will only result in all accounts being permanently blocked.
  7. DO NOT Recreate Deleted Articles/Categories: Articles and categories both get deleted for a reason. If you believe a category or article shouldn't have been deleted then talk to an admin about it.

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