Tracy Edwards (Born 1960) is an American who managed to escape from Jeffrey Dahmer, after being held prisoner in Dahmer's apartment for more than five hours. Edwards reported Dahmer to the police, and he told them what happened. At first, they initially had thought the story was dubious. The officers took Edwards back to Dahmer’s apartment, where Dahmer calmly explained that the whole matter was simply a misunderstanding and the officers almost believed him. Luckily, they spotted a few Polaroid photos of unfortunate dismembered victims, and Dahmer was arrested.

Tracy would later get arrested in 2011, and a year later was sentenced to 1/2 years in prison for an argument with two homeless men, of which one fell from the bridge and drowned. The other homeless man, Timothy Carr, received 4 years in prison in which he was released in 2016, and 5 years supervision for recklessly endangering the victim.

Although it seems like this was the first time Tracy was arrested, Tracy unfortunately had several run ins with the law over the years involving drugs and sexual assault of a minor, prior to his arrest in 2011.

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